Major Key to Surviving Public Transit

Ferry’s, Busses, Trains, Cars, you name it, I ride it. Growing up on Bowen, commuting has been sort of second nature. The most important thing I have learned, other then not to fall asleep on the bus while holding your coffee… is always have your podcasts.

I bet you weren’t thinking I was going to say that.

Yes, you can listen to music and yes, you can scroll Instagram, But if you want time to fly by while on the bus, podcasts are the way to go. Podcasts range from comedy to daily news and much more. Instead of wasting time sitting on the bus you could be learning a fact to brag about to your friends later that day.

Also, If you are 3G sensitive like I am, you can pre download the podcasts with out using any of your 3G. This is way better then streaming something like Netflix that will just eat your battery.

The top podcasts are This American Life, Secrets, Crimes & Audiotapes, and Ted Radio Hour. You are more attentive while listening to podcasts and less likely to zone out and miss your stop, which turns out to be a very interesting afternoon of back tracking.

It brings me back to when my mom would read me stories as a little girl, who didn’t enjoy that?!?

The most important thing about listening to podcasts is, find one you like. Some podcasts can be so boring it will put you to sleep just like your music. If you are not into the one your listening to, move on and give another one a try. Don’t give up!

I dare you to try this at home, on the bus or however you get to work and school.




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