Pull the Plug on Perspiration

Have you ever raised your hand in class only to be left mortified by the waterfall of sweat pouring out of your underarms?


Even though sweating is a natural occurrence for all humans, it isn’t exactly the most attractive look on the streets.  Why does it happen?  Your body is simply trying to regulate its temperature.  It really is a normal thing; Healthy in fact!

However, nobody wants to be the one person who everyone notices has wet stains under their arms.  So how do we stop ourselves from being this person?  Deodorant!  Deodorant is your friend!!!  It doesn’t really matter which brand you choose, deodorant that is labelled as an anti-perspirant will help you out.  I tend to use the Dove 24hour protection label myself, however, the Adidas Athletic line as well as the Secret Invisible line have worked for me in the past too.

Another way to avoid having sweat stains showcased, is by choosing clothing of colours and fabrics that work with your body.

Wear light breathable cottons as often as possible!!  It will allow the airflow to reach your body and dry out the dampness.  Cotton is a natural fiber, therefore it will absorb the moisture rather than repel it; Natural fibers may save your life!!!  Wear colours that will blend your sweat!  Nothing is worse than really highlighting your bright blue shirt with dark blue sweat marks!!  Choose moisture wicking fabrics- They are your friend!


Stay away from polyester based fabrics.  Polyester is a manmade material that does not absorb water.  This means you may have lots of sweat with no way to escape!  This is the highest cause for skin irritation under the arms.  Avoid items that are extremely tight in the arms.  Anything clinging to your body will absorb and show your sweat faster.

All in all, everybody sweats.  The only thing we can really do to put a stop to it, is hide it in the colour, fabrics and styles of clothing that we wear.  So…Sweat away everybody!!!…Just don’t make me look at it.



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