I have Nothing To Wear

We have all been there, that moment when you take a look at your full closet and realize you have nothing to wear. The clothes you wear can define the person you want to be for that day and finding that person can be a struggle. There is no sure fire way to solve this problem but there are ways to make the process go a bit smoother. This has been happening to me since I can remember, so  I have discover a few solutions to this fashion epidemic. Finding an outfit for the day does not have to be a struggle anymore with these simple do’s and don’ts.


  • Find some inspiration: It doesn’t matter where it comes from as long as you feel inspired by what you are looking at. I found that the best places to get inspiration from are Pinterest and Instagram but any platform will work.
  • Closet Clean out: Another thing that never fails to help me out, is to clean out my closet.When I take the time to actually go through the clothes I have it helps to rein in the voice inside my head that says “Oh my god, I need to go shopping right now”. Looking at everything I have really helps to pinpoint what I can reuse to create a trendy outfit that looks brand new.
  • Don’t be afraid to spend some time and put random things you have inside your closet together. Put on a fashion show just for you and see what you come up with. When it comes to clothes the sky is the limit and any basic item can become the latest trend with the right accessories.

Moving on to don’ts:

  • One thing I would not recommend is to go shopping. As a shopaholic I know how hard it is to stay away from buying endless amounts of things that you never need. When you are desperate for clothes to wear shopping only leads to being broke and having more of what you already have sitting untouched inside your closet
  •  My last bit of advice is to, take your time picking out an outfit for the day is already hard without fighting a time crunch. If you prepare your outfit the night before you eliminate the stress of not knowing what to wear and cut down on a crazy clean up job because let’s face it, nobody has the time to clean up the aftermath of a clothing tornado.

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