How to Handle Huge Honkers

Are you an XS in the waist, but an XXL in the bust?


Having a larger chest is something I have had to learn to deal with throughout my life.  It can be seen as both a blessing, and a curse.  Sometimes they look like big sexy balls of fun, other times you feel like they’re smacking you in the face and just want to get rid of them.  It is a constant love/hate relationship.  How can you embrace these larger than life luxuries?


Find the right sized bra!!!!  I can’t emphasize enough how important this is!  It will make your life a million times better if you’re wearing a bra that you’re not constantly popping out of every time you lean down.  Wear clothing that emphasizes your tiny waist!  Showing that you have a waist separate from your chest will help give your body dimension and you won’t get the ‘uniboob’ look.  Work out your back, chest and arms!  Strengthening your back will help you stand straighter, which will automatically lift your chest up and get rid of the hunch back look.  Nobody wants to see you falling forward because your body can’t support the rack up front.


Stop wearing shirts that have built in bras.  If they fit your torso, they are going to be way too small for your bust.  You’re going to have a line going through the middle of your chest where the bra ends- this should be underneath your bust.  Don’t only wear sports bras!!  They are the king of uniboob!!!  There is a time and place for everything…underneath your prom dress isn’t the time or place for your Calvin’s!  Hoodies and baggy T’s, although comfy, hide your body.  Your larger sized chest will make the shapeless top drape over your body, making you appear wider than you are.

Giant knockers are just as much a wonderful thing, as they are an evil gift from god.  You’ve just got to learn how to work with them.  Good Luck Gals!



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