How to Keep White Shoes White

Do you own a pair of shoes that were white only for the first week after you bought them?  These tips and tricks will help you in extending that week so your white shoes stay white!


Clean your shoes regularly!  You can do so with toothpaste and a small brush easily.  Toothpaste works especially well on white leather.  Just add a very small amount of water and brush away those dirt stains!  There are also different coatings you can apply to make your shoes waterproof- this will decrease the likeliness of your shoes getting dirty and staying dirty.  You can pick these up at your local shoe or drug stores.


Wearing those white shoes in the rain means mud stains!!!  Try not to wear them when there’s puddles everywhere or they may stain a musky water coloured white.  Unless this is the look you’re going for, it usually just makes your white shoes look dirty-especially canvas shoes.  Also, a lot of different blogs say throwing your shoes in the wash will help clean them.  However, it also deteriorates them! The high heat and constant moving and bumping they will experience throughout the wash/dry cycle will decrease the strength of all the seams.  This means that although they may be cleaner short term, you just cut their lifespan in half.

Keeping these tips in mind help me keep my white shoes white longer, and I hope they do the same for you!



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