Netflix Addiction= No Chill

Do you find yourself getting attached to TV series often? Do you find it hard to stop watching episodes? Do you turn down your friends to have a “Netflix and chill (by yourself) night? You might be suffering from a common addiction, Netflix.

Its 2016 and TV has never been so easy to watch. Netflix has so many different series making it very easy for you to find something you love. I wrote this blog today to help those people out there that just keep clicking to the next episode.

The do’s and don’ts to living with a Netflix addiction:


First of all, I am not telling you to stop watching Netflix, I know that wont work. I want to help you live with the addiction. First of all, don’t start a new series during exam season. All you will want to do is watch TV and your studying will suffer. In the long run, you will always be able to watch that episode, the whole test thing only happens once. Secondly, Don’t bring your computer to bed every night. Plan a schedule so you only have your computer in your room on the weekends or days where you can sleep in. SLEEP IS IMPORTANT PEOPLE! Lastly, Don’t ditch your friends for your computer. I get that you need to watch that season finale, but is it really worth missing drinks with your friends?


Firstly, make Netflix your reward, in everything. This will use your addiction for good and force you to do something with your life before locking yourself in your room for hours on end. Every time you study for two hours, reward yourself with an episode. Only one episode though, if you start allowing yourself to watch multiple episodes you will sink yourself and the system will fail. Secondly, create a schedule and episode limit for each day. Plan how many episodes you will be watching and when so you can plan other things. Stick to this schedule, trust me. Lastly, if your addiction is so bad and you can’t help but watch hours of TV, try to find someone to watch it with. Its more exciting when the guy finally gets the girl if you have a friend to freak out with.

Please stay safe everyone and try not to miss out on too many fun things because your watching TV. Also don’t let your brain rot either, read a book every now and then.



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